Installation View - ( featuring from left to right) Michael Pybus, Billy Crosby/John Crosby, James Middleton, Steven He and Hannah Tilson Installation View - ( featuring from left to right) Eleni Zervou, Michael Pybus, Milda Lembertaitė,  David Schroeter, Alia Hamaoui, Billy Crosby/ John Crosby, Michael Pybus, James Middleton, Steven He, Kate Dunn, Gaston Lisak and Michael PybusGroup Installation ViewGroup Installation ViewGroup Installation ViewGroup Installation ViewGroup Installation ViewGroup Installation ViewGroup Installation ViewGroup Installation View

Michael Pybus LOVE LESS (Never Changes its Spots) Acrylic, flashe, chrome ink & oil based spray paint, finished with archival high gloss on artist’s used cotton T-shirt. 2023Gastón Lisak, Objectos de Poder, Thermo print on fabric 2023

‘Well Worn’
- Was an exhibition at SET Ealing, 105-113 St James House, Broadway, London W13 9BE

It was open from 28/09/23 to 15/10/23

It featured Hawazin Alotabi, Tabs BW, Tom Bull, Maddy Buttling, Billy Crosby, Dani Marcel, Ruby Eve Dickson, Matthew Dowell, Kate Dunn, Harry Grundy, Diogo Gama, Rechonski, Steven He, Alia Hamoui, Gaston Lisak, Milda Lembertaite, Julie Maurin, Rosie McGinn, Jemma Mitchell, Eimear Murphy, James Middleton, Lydia Moraitis, Lucy Neish, Micheal Pybus, Emma Papworth, Taro Qureshi, Hannah Tilson, David Schroreter, Eleni Zervou

Curated by Alexander Harding and Alek Mechlinski

Well Worn
/ˌwɛl ˈwɔːn/

1. showing the signs of extensive use or wear. “a well-worn leather armchair”

2. (of a phrase, idea, or joke) used or repeated so often that it no longer has interest or significance. “a well-worn theme”

'Well Worn' was a project that sought to challenge established conventions of making, interacting with and exhibiting artworks.

Artists were invited to create new artwork, by distilling their artistic practice into items of clothing or accessories. Through this process, they stepped outside their conventional modes of working but remained united by their considerate approach to working with identity and subjectivities.

Visitors to the exhibition were invited to fully interact with the exhibition of these artist’s newly produced works. Through fostering direct relationships between artworks, audiences and artist practices, Well Worn reched beyond the visual and attempted a divergent language of display.

As part of the exhibition, there was a programed evening of performances: including; 

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Exhibition photography by Fergus Carmichael